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Planning a funeral or memorial service can be a daunting process. In the very earliest days of your grief, you have to communicate with so many people - many of them strangers - in order to put together a service which truly honours the life of the person you have lost. 

However, daunting as it may at first appear, many families feel that it is not as painful as they expect, in fact, some even say it is actually quite a positive experience to talk through a lifetime of memories with someone. Spending a few hours recounting stories and memories of your loved ones can actually be a powerful experience.  

While I am here to gently guide you through this process, my main objective is to listen to what it is you want to say; to listen to you about the type of service or funeral you want to create, and to help you make that a reality.

I live in Todmorden, but have done services in Manchester and across the Calder valley. Most of my work is carried out for Valley Funerals in Hebden Bridge.



Honour the life you loved



There are all sorts of reasons why people arrange memorial services for their loved ones. Perhaps one of the most appealing reasons is that you have immense freedom - the type of service available to you is as unlimited as your imagination.

I would love to be able to help you craft and then conduct the perfect memorial service to best honour the life of the person you have lost. 

Especially with the recent Coronavirus pandemic, many families have been forced to have ceremonies which have been either reduced or restricted in some way. If this is the case for you, and you would like to have a memorial service which honours and celebrates the life and character of your loved one then do get in touch and we can begin to plan the service you wish you could have had. 



I will work with you and your family and/or friends to create a service which is personal, respecting the beliefs and values of you and your loved one.

We will spend time talking together; time where you can share your memories with me so we can create a picture of the person you loved. 

The funeral service will be as unique and individual as they were.

If family and friends would like to be included in the ceremony, we can discuss how that would work best for you. 

The service and the eulogy will be written with sensitivity and warmth, and will be delivered with the deepest respect and care. 

If you wish me to, I will help you to think about music, poetry, readings, and the order of service, preparing it ready to be sent to the Funeral Director for printing.

Flower Arrangement


Talking about death is easier than it has ever been, and more of us are pre-arranging our own services.

There are so many unique or traditional ways to say goodbye that it often helps to sit down and talk it through with someone who can guide you through the process.

I am happy to meet with you to help you to make your arrangements and discuss how we can work together to make your funeral service just as you want it to be.


Everyone present said what a wonderful eulogy you gave about Mark and how it really captured him. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for conducting Peter's service with such sensitivity and warmth.

What you have written is very beautiful and captures our Mum perfectly.

It went way beyond my expectations ... your words were poignant for me.

Thank you again for such a beautiful ceremony and for all your beautiful input into the funeral, more than words can say. It becomes more beautiful and uplifting with time and distance. It made me cry reading it all back.



You may have found your way to this site because you are struggling with your grief and are looking for someone to help you.

We can discuss how counselling might help, or if you are looking for a counsellor to help you through. While I am a counsellor myself, if I have written or delivered a service for you, I am most likely to recommend another counsellor in your area. 

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